Dual Degree in Social Work (MSW) and Holistic Health (MAHS) Admissions

We welcome your application for the St. mgm集团 MSW/MAHS.

St. Kate’s has a streamlined admission process – no application fee, no GRE test – to accelerate your MSW/MAHS onboarding process. If you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact your 入学辅导员. 他们是来帮忙的!


如果你想开始都市固体废物课程,优先申请截止日期是1月10日 for enrollment in the following fall.

If you would like to begin with MAHS coursework, 申请优先截止日期为7月1日(秋季)和12月1日(春季). 截止日期后收到的申请,将按名额计算.

We are now accepting applications to start in Summer and Fall 2023.



  • 学位:  A completed bachelor's or graduate degree from an institution that is accredited by one of the regional accrediting organizations (e.g. Higher Learning Commission). Advanced Standing students must have their BSW from a Counsel on Social Work Education (CSWE) 认证机构. 

  • 平均绩点:  A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (B)或更高.0规模. If the applicant's GPA is less than 3.0, 必须提交一份解释性陈述,说明影响以前学业表现的任何因素, and how the applicant plans to ensure future academic success. If you are unsure of your cumulative GPA, please use these 指令 as a guide to help you determine if an explanatory statement is necessary.

  • 先决条件: 2023年的新消息—— there are no prerequisite course requirements for admission to the MSW/MAHS dual-degree program.


A reminder: When choosing your track, note that Advanced Standing (AS) is for those that already have a BSW; Regular Standing (RS) is for all other applicants.  另外, there are a number of different format options (1, 2年和3年的AS或2, 3年及4年(RS). While each student will have the opportunity to create individual plans of study in conjunction with both program directors, we recommend applicants consider applying to longer tracks for the MSW portion to accommodate the rigor of attending both programs. It is also important to note, the MSW admission committee may offer admission to a different (and perhaps longer) track that they determine is better suited for an applicant based on prior academic performance or other factors.





If you would like to begin with MAHS coursework, 申请优先截止日期为7月1日(秋季)和12月1日(春季). 截止日期后收到的申请,将按名额计算.


Prepare essays that demonstrates written communication skills and clarifies your purpose in pursuing dual graduate programs. All applicants whose cumulative GPA is below 3.0 must also include an explanatory statement. Please submit one document addressing the following in separate essays and provide a separately titled section in the same document if submitting an Explanatory Statement.

请注意:当前的St. 凯特大学的BSW学生申请速成都市垃圾课程时,需要提交一份不同的论文提示. 详情请参阅BSW项目总监发给您的信息.


文章的这一部分提供了一个展示你的书面沟通技巧的机会, understanding of an issue relevant to social work, 能够批判性地评估问题的层面,并提出连贯的陈述. Use formal citation (as needed) to support your perspective. 回答这个问题也会促使你考虑申请城市生活垃圾社会正义使命奖学金. (最大1,500 words) Identify and critically assess an important social justice issue for professional social workers now and in the next decade. Provide evidence to support your assessment; include citations. 结合你自己对社会工作者在这个问题上的角色和责任的看法.


A. Identify your professional goals and discuss how the MSW program at St. mgm集团, with its emphasis on critical clinical social work practice, will help you achieve those goals. Provide specific examples. (最多500字)

B. 确定并反思自己相对于专业社会工作的优势和局限性. 考虑一下这两者将如何有助于你在社会工作领域取得成功. Be candid with examples of strengths, and state how you have addressed, 或者正在管理, your limitations related to professional social work. (最多500字)


Please address you interest in the field of holistic health studies, your background in related fields and your personal and professional goals pursuing the dual degree in holistic health and social work at St. 凯特的. 你如何看待自己在职业生涯中运用从这两个项目中获得的知识和技能?


If you have already submitted the application form, you may upload your essays via your Application Status page (指令 for accessing the status page were provided at the time you submitted the application). Please include your full name at the top of the essays.

If you wish to submit the personal statement prior to the application, 或者如果你无法上传文件到你的申请状态页面, you may send the essays as an attachment via email to graduateadmission@thecorpseofannafritz.com with “MSW/MAHS Essay” in the subject line.


If you are an applicant who does not meet the minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA requirement, 请说明影响以前学业表现的因素, as well as your plan to ensure academic success in a graduate program. 这篇陈述应该限制在400字以内,并且是在上面描述的文章之外的.


提交当前的résumé. Please differentiate between paid work experience and volunteer activities. 说明该经历/活动是兼职性质还是全职性质, and specify the dates of employment/volunteering.

If you have already submitted the application form, you may upload your résumé via your Application Status page (指令 for accessing the status page were provided at the time you submitted the application).

If you wish to submit the résumé prior to the application, 或者如果你无法上传文件到你的申请状态页面, you may send the résumé as an attachment via email to graduateadmission@thecorpseofannafritz.com with “MSW/MAHS 的简历” in the subject line.


两个 recommendations are required for MSW/MAHS applicants. (2023年新增 -- previously, three recommendations were required.)

都市固体废物/MAHS推荐表格必须由能证明其智力的人士填写, professional competence and leadership ability of the applicant. Only professional or academic references will be considered; personal references are not acceptable. 推荐人必须填写表单的检查表和附带的陈述部分.

A link to the recommendation form will be sent when the Recommendations section of the application form has been completed. Please alert your references in advance to expect an email from St. mgm集团. These are confidential recommendations submitted directly from the references to the Office of 研究生 Admission; applicants who wish to view the recommendations are responsible for making the appropriate arrangements with their references.


所就读院校的成绩单(包括PSEO课程), 即使课程被记录在另一份成绩单上,也不管获得了多少学分. 注意:接受联合服务(以前的SMART)军事成绩单,但不是必需的. For the initial review of your application, we will accept official transcripts sent directly from the institution or scanned copies of official or unofficial transcripts. All documents must be up-to-date and include your name, 机构名称, all courses taken with grades and degrees received (if applicable). mgm集团线路将不接受您所在机构网站的截图或学生门户网站的学位评估. Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded using your applicant status page (a link is sent once you’ve started an application) or sent as an attachment to graduateadmission@thecorpseofannafritz.com.

Upon an offer of acceptance, applicants are required to submit official transcripts from baccalaureate and graduate (if applicable) degree granting institutions before registration for courses is allowed. Paper transcripts must be mailed in a sealed envelope directly from the registrar of each institution to the Office of 研究生 Admission at St. mgm集团. 成绩单 that do not meet these criteria will be considered unofficial and will not be used to complete the applicant’s file. Electronic transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to St. mgm集团(graduateadmission@thecorpseofannafritz.com); electronic transcripts forwarded by the applicant will not be accepted.

Fieldwork instructor evaluation

Advanced-standing applicants must submit a copy of the senior fieldwork evaluation from their undergraduate social work program. Applicants may submit a copy of the evaluation from their own records (if they retained the paperwork after graduation). 否则, applicants should contact the social work department at their undergraduate institution and request that a copy be sent to the Office of 研究生 Admission at St. mgm集团. If the evaluation is no longer on file, 社会工作部门应向mgm集团线路办公室提交一份简短的解释信. 学生 who have not yet completed their senior field placement may submit a copy of their junior fieldwork evaluation. You may submit the fieldwork evaluation as an attachment via email to graduateadmission@thecorpseofannafritz.com with "MSW Fieldwork Eval" in the subject line.


Applicants whose native language is not English are required to complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test or 80 on the iBT, 或国际英语语言测试系统(雅思),最低6分.5. 已经达到ELS等级112或更高的申请人可以提交这些分数来代替托福或雅思. 对于在美国完成学士学位或研究生学位的申请人,这一要求被免除.


Applicants with a college or university degree completed outside of the United States must submit an official course-by-course evaluation from World Education Services (WES) or SpanTran. 所有非英文文件的原始成绩单和官方翻译也必须包括在内. 除了, if you are applying for one of our Advanced Standing options and completed your BSW outside of the United States or Canada, 你还必须完成一个 CSWE Credential Evaluation as part of the application process. 所有与文件翻译和评估有关的费用由申请人承担.


Please review all application 指令. Once you’ve submitted the online application, you will have access to your Application Status page to upload any supporting documents (指令 for accessing the status page were emailed at the time you submitted the application). 如果您无法上传电子文件到您的申请状态页面, you may send items as an attachment via email to graduateadmission@thecorpseofannafritz.com. Paper documents may be mailed to:

St. mgm集团
St. 保罗,MN 55105

申请人有责任确保在截止日期前完成申请. 招生委员会将不会审查你的申请,直到mgm集团线路收到所有必需的文件. 满足入学要求并不保证被录取. No credentials will be returned to the applicant.


The following information pertains to applicants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Please review the information below regarding other application materials that may be required for international applicants.


Earlier deadlines may apply for international applicants to ensure that all immigration requirements can be met in time for you to enroll in the desired term. 联系你的 入学辅导员 有问题的.

International Student Forms

International applicants for graduate study must complete the International Information section of the application form.

美国.S. government requires international applicants to provide proof of ability to pay tuition and living expenses before the University can issue forms necessary to obtain a visa. International applicants must submit a Certification of Finances form.


一些国际申请者可能需要提交额外的文件, such as a credential evaluation, 语言测试成绩, 等. 有关更多信息,请查看研究生课程的申请说明.

Questions about the application process?

你可以在任何时间给你的入学顾问发电子邮件,或者在办公时间给mgm集团线路打电话(8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.).

Contact an admission counselor