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混合式学习包括面对面和在线环境. Usually the time between the two environments is split half-and-half (one week online; one week face-to-face). 然而,具体课程的时间表可能会有所不同.


在线学习完全或几乎完全在网上进行. 有时,在学位课程开始时需要校园参观. There may also be some specific synchronous online course meeting times that are part of the course plan, 通常使用在线视频会议工具. 然而, 大多数工作都是在线异步进行的, 在课程中,学生每周在不同的时间贡献.


St. 凯特的 is dedicated to each student’s success, and offers services and 支持 in a variety of ways:

  • 课程的移动接入
  • 学生支援服务
  • 无障碍的课程设计,满足所有学生的需求
  • 延长mgm集团线路的办公时间 帮助台 支持


主动学习, 有时被称为“投入式学习”,强调以学生为中心的学习在教师的便利环境. 所有的在线课程都是用这种方法设计的. 这些课程强调从经验中积累知识, 哪个与成年学习者特别相关. 在积极的学习环境中, 学生最终要对自己的学习负责.

You can think of the course content as the “clay” you use to construct your own knowledge via meaningful learning activities that will include reading, 写作, 辩论和对话, 批判性分析, 解决问题, 以及与同龄人的合作活动.

Taking a course in an online environment does not mean you will have less work to do. 在线环境的灵活性是一个很大的好处. 然而, the time that you do not spend in an actual classroom will be accounted for in other ways through reading assignments, 讨论区帖子, 小测验, 等. Below is a chart that can help you gauge how much time you can expect to spend in an online course:

课程学分 每周的工作
2学分课程 300分钟(5小时)
3学分课程 450分钟(7.5小时)
4学分课程 600分钟(10小时)


You will be expected to participate during each week of the semester in an online class at St. 凯特的. Many classes establish a weekly schedule that is included in the syllabus so you have an idea of what to expect.

速成课程为7.5周. 学生 appreciate the programmatic benefits of moving through coursework in a shorter time. 但是,您必须能够适应增加的工作量和更快的节奏. 预计每周花15-18个小时参加速成课程.

如果你选的是混合课程,你会被要求来学校. 你什么时候来学校是根据每门课程来决定的. Fully online courses have no campus requirements or expectations unless the program includes an initial campus orientation visit or optional summer seminars.

为了安装所有必要的浏览器插件和软件, 您需要计算机的管理权限. Some work computers do not allow for this; most personal computers do.

通过当地企业接入互联网可能会带来一些挑战. 网络连接可能比在家里慢(因为所有人都共享). 公共Wi-Fi可能会带来安全问题. 还建议你找一个安静的地方学习, 繁忙的商业场所可能无法提供这样的环境. 除了, most places such as coffee shops regulate how much time customers spend using their internet.

而这将为你提供一个安静的学习场所, using a public computer at a library will not allow you to install the necessary browser plugins.

虽然这些设备在很多方面都很棒, you may find that you need something more robust to complete your assignments and do all of your work. Software such as the Microsoft Office Suite cannot be installed on most tablets and some course material may not be viewable from a tablet.

Asynchronous simply means that your learning is done on your time and there is no specific time that the entire class meets together. 不过,你可能仍然有作业的最后期限. 相反, synchronous learning happens at set times during the week for real time lectures or discussions online and you must be available during those prescribed class times.

一些项目需要临床课程. 这是如何安排不同的程序.


A 推荐的最低计算机规格列表 可以通过麦格林信息技术中心获得. 还建议使用高速互联网连接(DSL或电缆).


帮助台提供了关于St. 凯特的. 学生在在线课程或混合课程中最常用的一些工具是:


Brightspace网站是St. 凯特的学习管理系统. All of your course materials — such as a syllabus, course documents, readings, lectures, 等. -将被安置在这里. 除了, interactions such as discussion boards and 小测验 are found within the online course sites.

A 课程样本可供复习 与用户名 凯蒂 和密码 gowildcats! 当你看到Brightspace网站登陆页面时, 点击9点菜单, 然后在通往圣. 凯特的在线课程样本.


Panopto是圣安东尼奥大学使用的讲座捕捉/屏幕录制系统. 凯特的. 教师 teaching both fully online and hybrid courses frequently use Panopto to record lectures, 演讲, 或游行示威. 学生通过学习管理系统访问这些演示文稿. 学生 can also make presentation recordings within Panopto and upload video recordings from their phones.


St. 凯特是一所谷歌学校. St. 凯特的电子邮件被创建为谷歌电子邮件帐户. 您的谷歌帐户让您访问谷歌日历, 谷歌视频会议, 谷歌驱动器, 谁提供在线创建和存储文档, 电子表格, 幻灯片演示. All Google items can be shared with instructors or other students for purposes of collaboration. 电子邮件账户是与学生交流的官方方式.


所有的圣. 凯特的学生有基本的Zoom账户. Your online course might or might not meet synchronously (at the same time) during the semester using Zoom. Zoom is integrated into the Brightspace网站 learning management system and course-related Zoom sessions are available from within Brightspace网站.

VoiceThread, Flipgrid和Yellowdig

St. 凯特的 uses several online discussion tools to keep communication flowing between students and instructors. With VoiceThread, students provide online comments in association with a set of uploaded slides. Flipgrid allows students to film themselves providing short comments in answer to a question that’s been posed. Yellowdig provides a robust Facebook-like environment in which students can create and/or contribute to ongoing conversations.


在线学习不同于面对面学习. If you haven’t experienced this type of learning, consider these tips to help you succeed.


Knowing the schedule of the course is one key component to having a successful experience. 如果是混合课程,你们什么时候见面,什么时候在网上见面? 每种课程的要求是什么? 课程是否遵循标准的每周模式?


Typically, taking a hybrid or online course gives you more flexibility in your schedule. 你也可以随时随地查阅课程资料. 和, you may find that many courses emphasize self-directed learning with specific practical applications to your life.


所有的圣. 凯特的在线课程要求你每周参加几次. 查看课程大纲了解细节.


在线工作带来了灵活性,但也会让人分心. 知道如何管理它们,并留出足够的时间来完成你的工作.


熟悉网上出行的基本知识, 使用电子邮件, 以及在微软Word中创建文档. 所有的圣. 凯特的学生可以免费使用微软的Office 365软件.


The flexibility of an online course means that you will be accountable for your own learning. It’s important that you understand your role in constructing your own learning and understand the 教师’s role in helping you with that. 你能保持专注并跟上课程作业吗?


网上的大部分工作将在论坛上完成. 你通过阅读别人的想法来学习吗? 你能通过写作来表达自己吗?


Set aside a specific time and a specific place each day to study or participate in online activities. 拥有这种结构有助于避免或消除干扰.


如需更多信息或帮助,请联系 St. 凯特的服务台 at 651-690-6402.